What of the mind ? Does it not also cease ?

THE SOUL         :

Patience.the mind has turned within itself it holds no further traffic with the

World of outer being but alive alone,feeding on  its rich store of images and

thoughts,as even you would know if you had studied in that hall of learning

that you men call dreams.enter that hall and study now if you wouldlearn the

deathlessness of life.


You mean that after death the mind is wrapped in dreams ? What are those dreams ?

THE SOUL        :

What are all dreams ?The tissue of desire a web which your desires weave

from the fibre of your outer life.your acts in life were motivated by desire,as

your desires have been so shall be now your dreams here are those hells,with

flames of lust and hatred of which your sacred books tolds tales to frighten

children,true tales,if rightly understood there,too are heaven of peace and

pleasure.But all are transcent passing like shadows as the stored up energy

which called them forth discharges and grow calm.


And then ?

THE SOUL        :

Ease after toil,port after stormy seas.deeper and deeper sink the life within

the zone of dreams is passed and the boat of the soul enter on a great calm.

It was yourself in life who made those dreams yes, you who made your

heavens and your hells.How long they lasted and of what  sort they were

was all deceded by the course you steered in life.Once you have

entered the night that is below the world horizon your  course is set,

the dreams can but unroll.Yet long or short happy or  sorrowful they too

like all things finite  have their end and all in peace.


The peace of utter oblivion ?

THE SOUL        :

Oblivion of the force of desire,before that peace is entered the body of desires

Will die as dies the outer form that is your body now ; and even the desire itself will sleep as sleeps the life hidden in winter seeds,to wake again in season.therefore it is that he whose life on earth has been given over entirely to desires can know but little of the nature of the peace , but sleeps in blissful ,dark unconsciousness , like dreamless slumber after storm tossed dreams,the who on earth has raised his head above the turbid water , of desires and sought the vision here of truth and beauty will find no dark unconscious cloud sleep , but a bright light in which shines forth all he but glimpsed before, on earth the broken arcs;in heaven the perfect round ! All men thus come to me, as all man nightly come in dreamless sleep.But though I shelter all within my being, only those who, awake have seen my face, can know me consciously during the night whether of sleep or death.But to all who enter my being is given one flash of light in which, like pictures of the past,unralling  beforethe mental eye of him who drowns , there comes a vision of  the endless thread of life weaving its pattern on the loom of day and night.all those past days , that flowing stream of  lives endlessly stretching to the very rim of time , shine for a moment as this latest day is added to their their light the mind sees something of the purpose of the whole ,and thus of me who am the life in alt.then the veil falls once more;mid night is passed;after the ebb,the flow begins a new.the stream of life,reenergized by contact with its source ,flow,forth once more to seek the light of day.

THE MORTAL   :    

Than we are born again ?

THE SOUL        :

Rebirth there is ,but whether he who is reborn in you is for your self to judge.

the stream of life is one, ebbing and flowing ,weaving through many lives ,with

other  streams ,the patterns of the whole.that stream which was yourself ,which if you like is still yourself,flow , forth ,entering the zone of dreams.In that zone desires a body of desires that is the heir of those it left behind before it entered peace.this is what you call fate.Guided by those desires it seek and find a human pair who can provide it with a mortal body fitted for its needs , needs judged by me ,acting as you would say ,instinctively within the stream. thus the life mingles with the two parental  streams , enter their hearts and the new forming body of a child and so is born to see another day ,with an inheritance of countless , lives ,but with a new body ,memory a brain.


So memory is lost ? I feared as much.

THE SOUL        :

Memory remain in me alone, the memory of lives too numerous to count.that memory Is yours ,if during life,you learn to enter me if not ,I keep it for you till we meet again once more.your brain is now ,and in it will be stored those memories alone in which it has a part ,so that you start “ once more on your adventure brave and new “imburdened by a load of memories too great for you to bear.Let the stored wisdom of your past is always with you ,for it remain in me who am in you.If you will listen for my voice within your heart , that voice will guide you so that  in the maze of your life your course will beshaped by a wisdom springing from you know not where ,a wisdom it is not your own , but mine,and yet which is your self , for you are me.Thus does the cycle of the nights and days,turn on until the pattern  is complete , and pattern blends with pattern in a vast and wondrous whole , too great for you to grasp with  finite mind. And now farewell in all things seek for me who am your friend,your life,your very self.he who find me sees light within the darkness , life in the midst of death , joy in the heart of sorrow ,rest on the wheel of change ,love in the midst of lute.


Tell me , then ,who thou art ;where shall I find thee ?

THE SOUL        :

Who or what I am  cannot be told.words may describe yourself , but never me who am beyond their grasp.As for the path by which I may be found , I speak : it is for you to seize my me in the dark cave within your heart.there in the night that is the heart of day , seek out the day that is the head of night.hear without ears,see with out your eyes ; then ,in the hidden depths you will behold an alter,floating in the air without support.on it there shines a flame that burn without wick or fuel.Enter that flame and ,although self must die  find me.